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Drunk Driver Causes Serious Car Accident in Florida

  When individuals see a motorist traveling the wrong way on the road, their first thought may be that the individual is a drunk driver.   Unfortunately, there are many cases in which these individuals may be right. Drunk driving is a serious issue that can quickly cause a severe

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Truck Accidents: Florida Woman Killed in Hit and Run

  Though some drivers may panic after being involved in an accident, it is important that all parties involved remain at the scene.   If a driver leaves, he or she could face serious repercussions, including criminal charges. Additionally, the family of any victims of such car or truck accidents

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Florida Crash May Result in Legal Claim Filings

Distracted driving is a contributing factor in many crashes that take place across the country. Individuals who are not paying attention for even a moment could find themselves facing a situation in which a crash could result. Even if a driver attempts to avoid a collision, that action may not

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Florida Child Seriously Injured by Animal Bites

Many pet owners know that there could be potential risks for animal attacks. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to ensure that any children are supervised when around dogs or other animals. Unfortunately animal bites are a common occurrence, and serious attacks could lead to individuals suffering serious injuries.

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Accident Leaves Florida Motorcyclist with Serious Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are common events. These incidents often and easily lead to serious injuries as motorcyclists have little protection against other vehicles and outside hazards. If individuals do suffer injuries due to being involved in such an accident, they may face considerable difficulties. As a result, they could potentially file

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Fatal Car Accident Takes Place in Florida

After a car crash takes place, it may take investigators some time before they are able to definitively determine what caused the accident. When information about a car accident is not immediately available, the families of any victims of the incident may find themselves putting their lives on hold as

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Fatal Florida Accident May Warrant Wrongful Death Claim

Drunk drivers cause serious accidents numerous times every year. Some of those incidents prove fatal, and families and friends can be horrifically affected by the sudden and devastating losses. In the aftermath of such an event, a family whose loved one was killed may wish to consider filing a wrongful

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Car Insurance Myths Debunked

  Car Insurance Myths: Myth #1: You have full coverage.   Many people believe that the minimum amount of auto liability insurance required by law is all they need in case they are involved in an auto-accident. This is not true! By Florida Law, you are required to have Personal

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