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Florida Child Seriously Injured by Animal Bites

Many pet owners know that there could be potential risks for animal attacks. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to ensure that any children are supervised when around dogs or other animals. Unfortunately animal bites are a common occurrence, and serious attacks could lead to individuals suffering serious injuries. These injuries could also potentially lead to legal claims.

The family of a young boy in Florida may consider legal action after the child was recently attacked. Reports indicated that the boy was at a family friend’s house with his mother at the time of the incident. Authorities suspect that the mother was inside the house sleeping when the 22-month-old child was attacked by a dog on the premises. It was unclear what may have caused the attack.

The child was taken to an area hospital, and he had to have surgery due to the injuries he suffered. Reports stated that he is expected to survive. In total, seven dogs were taken from the property where the incident occurred. Authorities and the Department of Children and Families were continuing to investigate at the time of the report.

The family of the young child seriously injured due to the animal bites are undoubtedly grateful that he is expected to survive the ordeal. Because this attack occurred on residential property, the owner of the property and dog owner could potentially be held liable for the incident. As a result, the child’s family may have cause to file a premises liability claim in order to seek compensation for damages permitted under Florida law.

Source:, “Florida toddler mauled by dog“, Tyler Shepard, Sept. 6, 2016

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