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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and you are seeking compensation through a personal injury claim, it is important to be careful of what you share on social media. The other party’s insurance company will likely seek to deny or diminish your claim by scouring your social media profiles…

Interviewer: You’re listening to the Fine, Farkash, & Parlapiano podcast. Today we have on partner and founder of Fine, Farkash, & Parlapiano, Jack Fine. Jack, how are we doing? Jack: We’re doing great today. Interviewer: Talk about the contingent fee. That’s the fee that the personal injury law firm might…

How to Share the Road Safely with Semi-Trucks

When you are operating a regular passenger car, it can be unnerving to drive around massive tractor-trailer trucks. The difference in size alone makes these enormous vehicles a reminder to drive cautious and be aware of others on the road. So long as they are driven by highly skilled professionals…