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Pete Margo

I would give them 100 stars if I could! All your negative thoughts about attorneys can be discarded at their door. They were ALL totally understanding and straightforward.

My case was a boating accident. Something they had limited experience with. It is very different from an auto accident where the vehicles remain in place and can be examined to determine liability. They quickly got up to speed and their predictions were as accurate as possible. Everything was handled in a highly professional manner while maintaining equal ground with me. No “I am the attorney, and you are not” attitudes. My case was settled without going to trial. They presented a strong position and let the opposing attorney figure it out for themselves. No contentiousness at all. Total co-operation all around. I keep using “they” because they are an integrated unit. They are a cohesive team. The attorneys at the firm understand how much of their success relies on their “team”. I cant say enough about their efficiency, realistic thinking, and no grandstanding or attitudes toward/by anyone. Plus positive results. If you are in need of representation you cant do any better. Disclaimer. They will not represent you if you have a flimsy claim or no real claim at all. They reserve their precious time for folks that truly need the help. Thanks to everyone in the office. Especially Shelly and Ginny. I really appreciate all your efforts and concern. P.S. Attorney Jack J. Fine is an honorable straightforward man that cares and relates on an equal level. Thanks Jack.”

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