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Client Reviews & Testimonials

I was injured in a car crash, where I was hit from behind causing cervical spinal injury. Jack Fine and his staff were very helpful and relentless in resolving my problem. To all working for me, I give you enormous kudos. Thanks guys.

Rex G.

Julie Fine, along with the hard work of Rebecca and Melissa, got a fair settlement for my grandmother’s accident. Everyone we worked with was caring, helpful and knowledgeable. We are SO thankful to have found them. They were a true blessing to my family when we needed it most.

Jamie H.

Julie was very respectful and knowledgeable of my case after she had reviewed all my information/records. she was very prompt with keeping me up to date on my case she was flexible with communication and meeting times and days. I’m very appreciative of Julie. She was so kind and understanding of my concerns and questions.

I would use Julie in any need to be my lawyer.

Julie took the time to make my case go smoothly and comfortable. She is very organized and very thorough.

Shannon K.

Mr. Fine and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable, they always made me and my husband feel comfortable and informed as our case proceeded. We always felt like they were really working for us. We would highly recommend this law firm if you want a lawyer that really seems to care about his clients.

Tracy D.

Julie Fine and her help team was very helpful in completing a case that I had with them that was outstanding. I am happy with the way she handled and expedited my experience.

Kaliz B.

I recommend this firm very highly, without any reservations. I came to Fine, Farkash, & Parlapiano after experiencing very inadequate service and communication from a larger (quite well-known) firm. Calling Fine, Farkash, & Parlapiano turned out to be the best decision I could have made. My case had gone nowhere in over a year in the hands of the larger firm, and I could never get a straight answer on why, or what to expect. At FFP Law it was the complete opposite from the very beginning. I was informed at all stages, all possibilities were discussed rather than decisions being made for me without my knowledge or input. I was treated respectfully, and any questions or concerns were answered promptly. Even better – in the hands of Jack Fine and his staff – my case was settled quickly, and for more than I’d expected. A+++ service and experience are what you will receive from FFPLaw.

Susan L.

They were very helpful and understanding. Very nice and honest and hardworking and every time I had a question they were on top of answering it quickly and professionally or figuring it out for me…I would highly recommend them for anyone needing good honest people in their corner!

Cheyenne N.

I can’t say enough good things about Jack J. Fine, Julie Fine, and every other employee in the office.

They helped me immensely throughout every step of my battle with the insurance company, and they made me feel like family in the process. FFP truly cares about their clients and seeking justice for them. Such an awesome law firm! I highly recommend them, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle a personal injury claim.”

Ilex McGill

I would give them 100 stars if I could! All your negative thoughts about attorneys can be discarded at their door. They were ALL totally understanding and straightforward.

My case was a boating accident. Something they had limited experience with. It is very different from an auto accident where the vehicles remain in place and can be examined to determine liability. They quickly got up to speed and their predictions were as accurate as possible. Everything was handled in a highly professional manner while maintaining equal ground with me. No “I am the attorney, and you are not” attitudes. My case was settled without going to trial. They presented a strong position and let the opposing attorney figure it out for themselves. No contentiousness at all. Total co-operation all around. I keep using “they” because they are an integrated unit. They are a cohesive team. The attorneys at the firm understand how much of their success relies on their “team”. I cant say enough about their efficiency, realistic thinking, and no grandstanding or attitudes toward/by anyone. Plus positive results. If you are in need of representation you cant do any better. Disclaimer. They will not represent you if you have a flimsy claim or no real claim at all. They reserve their precious time for folks that truly need the help. Thanks to everyone in the office. Especially Shelly and Ginny. I really appreciate all your efforts and concern. P.S. Attorney Jack J. Fine is an honorable straightforward man that cares and relates on an equal level. Thanks Jack.”

Pete Margo

It is never good to have a car accident experience, but when it happened to me I had the good fortune to have met Mr. Fine.

At the beginning of my experience it was clear that I would be taken care of completely. My case was very difficult in that I was struck from behind while sitting in my work vehicle at a red light. Workers compensation was involved, the insurance company from the opposing side who wanted to pay nothing, and I was receiving therapy for my arm. Not to mention I was still working too! Talking about stress. But Mr. Fine and his staff stayed in constant contact with me and kept me calm even when I was next to tears. The end result was a victory. I would certainly recommend Mr. Fine and his staff who I feel are very knowledgeable. I appreciate all their efforts from the first day to the last. It was an emotional experience and they were there for me. Thank you Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano.”

Vanessa Jones