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Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., Obtains Verdict Over $1.4 Million for Client and Personal Injury Victim

Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., obtained a verdict of $1,411,000.00 after a four day trial that included only two hours of deliberation in Gainesville, Florida. On April 4, 2019, the jury found the defendant 100% at fault when plaintiff Sean T. McFly, was severely injured when he was hit by a University of Florida work truck while using a campus crosswalk. Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano’s lead Litigation Attorney, Julie Aleve Fine, and FFP partner Cherie H. Fine, were able to successfully convey to the jury that the University was completely at fault and liable for its employee’s action, and obtained the full amount of damages requested at trial, securing the verdict of over $1.4 million.

The incident occurred on December 4, 2014, when the victim, Dr. Sean T. McFly, was in his final year as a student at UF College of Veterinary Medicine. McFly was hit by a UF heavy-duty work truck operated by a UF employee, as he was walking to class while in a pedestrian crosswalk. The force of the impact threw him 18 feet to the concrete and caused him to suffer severe and permanent injuries that crippled his zeal for adventure and life.

In the wake of the incident and mounting bills, the University took no responsibility and blamed McFly. Fortunately, he found Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano to be his voice in his personal injury case. Attorney Julie Aleve Fine (a double UF graduate herself), was shocked by the facts of this case, especially that the University police issued no citation to the driver, and that UF had never even reached out to offer support or an apology to its own student. Now, along with paying for student loans, Dr. McFly encountered a steady stream of mounting medical bills. Knowing the serious impact the accident would have on his life, the Florida personal injury lawyers wanted to help the victim with his injury case.

Medical experts explained the injuries McFly sustained in the accident, (when he was just 30 years old), would continue to cause problems, in fact worsening with time. McFly’s attorneys, Julie and Cherie Fine (along with the legal team at the firm) focused on the expert evidence, working with the treating physicians who cared for the victim’s injuries, along with a biomedical expert, who assessed the impact and its effects on McFly.

After the four-day trial, the jury awarded McFly over $1.4 million, including his medical expenses. Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano is dedicated to helping McFly and other accident victims fight for justice after serious accidents. McFly is thankful to the team for their support and dedication over the past four years. McFly is happy that a jury held the University accountable for their actions, although the University is only liable for a maximum of $200,000.00 because of the state’s sovereign immunity cap on damages.

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Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., is the highly experienced and rated as one of the best personal injury law firms in Alachua County and Gainesville, Florida. FFP has over 100 years combined experience fighting for justice  for their clients and is committed to serving their clients. The firm uses a comprehensive team approach, and believes in giving back to their community by striving to provide the support, hope, and confidence their clients need. All of the attorneys are extremely experienced in litigation and trial work, which has helped them develop a track record of success for their deserving clients.

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In 1980, Jack J. Fine founded the law firm now known as Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, they are a well-respected personal injury law firm providing individualized service to people and families across Gainesville who have been harmed due to the negligence of others.

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