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Florida Car Accident Leaves Several Dead

When multiple individuals are involved in a car accident, the chances of someone being fatally injured increase.

In the event that such injuries do result from a car accident, those who are negatively affected may wish to determine how they would like to proceed. In many instances, surviving family of an accident victim may have cause to pursue a civil lawsuit.

It was recently reported that a fatal accident occurred in Florida. According to reports, a car was traveling west when the driver lost control and veered across the median. The car then collided with a minivan before spinning and hitting two additional vehicles. Reports also stated that the driver of the car had been speeding before losing control. There were at least two people in the car and at least five people in the minivan.

Both individuals in the car, the driver of the van and two children in the van all suffered fatal injuries in the crash. Two teenagers in the van were in critical condition at the time of the report, and the driver of the third vehicle involved was in serious condition. Individuals in the fourth vehicle were not injured.

The multiple deaths resulting from this Florida car accident are tragic losses. The surviving family of the victims may feel the effects of these losses for a considerable amount of time. If they wish to seek compensation for the damages resulting from the crash, they may still be able to file civil claims even though the driver considered at fault also died. These claims may be filed against that driver’s estate.

Source:, “5 people killed, including 2 children, in fiery Hillsborough crash“, Oct. 26, 2016

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