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Florida Motorcycle Collision Leaves Man in Critical Condition

If an individual is injured in an accident, the damages may be burdening.

The injuries suffered in a serious motorcycle accident can significantly impact a person’s life. In some cases, extended hospital stays, rehabilitation, time away from work and other effects could result from a motorcycle collision. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries as they are less protected than individuals traveling inside vehicles.

It was recently reported that a motorcycle crash took place in Florida. Apparently, a 53-year-old man was on a motorcycle and had stopped because of traffic in front of him. However, a car approaching from behind the motorcyclist did not stop, and as a result, the car hit the back on of the motorcycle. The impact caused the man to be thrown from his bike.

As a result of the crash, the man suffered serious injuries and was considered to be in critical condition at the time of the report. The driver of the car was reported as being 87 years old, and he was uninjured. Authorities were continuing to investigate the incident, and charges were pending, contingent on the result of the investigation.

The critical injuries suffered in this Florida motorcycle collision could leave the man fighting for his life. If he survives the incident, he may face substantial pain and suffering as he works to recover. Additionally, he may need time off of work to focus on healing. These damages could cause him to face financial difficulties, in addition to his physical pain. As a result, he may wish to pursue compensation for those damages by filing a motorcycle accident claim.

Source:, “Cantonment Man Critical After Motorcycle Crash“, Nov. 4, 2016

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